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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Identity Verification

1. How do I open an account with Betjee?

To sign up please click ‘Join now’ button at the top of the page and complete the required fields including your username and password. 

2. Can I open more than one Betjee account?

No. Each Betjee user can only have one account registered in their name. 

3. Can you open an account from anywhere in the world?

Betjee only accepts signups from individual residing in Pakistan.

4. Will I need to provide additional ID to have my account fully verified like other sportsbooks or betting exchanges?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Service to assist you with your account verification. 

5. What documents are acceptable for identity verification?

We require a photographic ID for identify verification. Acceptable forms of documents are listed below:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license (Front and Back)
  • National ID card (Front and Back)

6. What happens if I do not complete the verification process?

If we don’t not receive the verification documents in a timely manner, Betjee reserves the right to suspend accounts and hold any funds, until the appropriate documents have been submitted.

7. What if I forget my username and password?

Click on the Forgotten Password link in the Login section at the top of the page. You may request for a password reset link to be sent to your registered e-mail address.

If you have forgotten your username please contact our Customer Service. 

8. How do I change my Password?

Passwords can be changed by clicking on Account Settings and then “Change Password”. Password have to be at least 6 characters.

Account Security

1. If I leave money in my Betjee account, will my funds be secure?

All customer funds are securely held in fully segregated accounts. 

2. What does SSL mean?

Betjee uses a protocol called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), created for transmitting private documents via Internet. We use the very latest secure server tools and equipment to ensure members’ details remain completely confidential.

3. Does Betjee use encrypted connections?

Yes. All sensitive data transmitted between your computer and Betjee is securely passed over the internet using strong encryption. All sensitive data is sent using a secure http channel.

General FAQs

1. What is a ‘back’ bet?

To ‘back’ a selection in a market is to place a bet for something to happen. This is like a bet that you would place with a traditional bookie. For instance, ‘backing’ Pakistan is placing a bet for Pakistan to win in the specific event.

2. What is a ‘lay’ bet?

To ‘lay’ a selection in a market is to place a bet for something not to happen, or in other words, bet against something happening. For instance, ‘laying’ Inida is placing a bet for them not to win in the specific event.

3. Why is there a delay when I place bets on a live betting market?

The time delay on live betting markets on Betjee ranges from 1-10 seconds. This delay is in place to protect customers who are betting in the market. 

4. What is an unmatched bet?

For a bet to be matched, other customer with an opposing opinion must match against your bet. Unmatched bet is where there is no customer willing to match against your bet. Unmatched bets will remain in the market until they get matched or until you decide to cancel them or the market closes.

5. What does ‘Market Exposure’ mean?

Market exposure is the amount of money set aside from your balance to cover your current matched and unmatched bets. The available funds are the amount you currently have available to bet and is calculated by subtracting your current exposure from your balance.

6. How do I cancel a bet?

When you are betting against another customer, matched bets cannot be cancelled by Betjee. Unmatched bets can be cancelled at any time by opening your bet slip and selecting the cancel option.

Technical Help

1. What are the recommended technical requirements for using Betjee?

Betjee is compatible on all browsers across all operating systems.

2. The Betjee website won’t load correctly for me, what should I do?

Please check your internet connection or contact our Customer Service for assistance.

3. What happens if the Betjee site goes down?

In the unlikely event if Betjee site is down, all matched bet shall still remain active. New bet request will only be accepted once the site is running.


1. How do I fund my account?

Login to your Betjee account and click “deposit” at the top right of our website.

2. Can someone else make a deposit on my behalf to Betjee?

No. All deposits must be made by of the owner of the Betjee account using payment methods registered in the account owners own name.

3. I have deposited from someone else’s payment account in error, what are my next steps to rectify this?

If your account has been funded from a source not owned/registered to you. Please contact Betjee support immediately. This is a 3rd party funding and is strictly prohibited. Any funds deposited by a 3rd party must be returned to their source, specifically the payment account they came from.

4. How do I withdraw from my Betjee account?

Withdrawal requests can be submitted by clicking on your username on the top right of Betjee and selecting withdraw on the slide-out menu.

Please make sure that your Phone number and email address is verified before you request for withdrawal. This will make the withdrawal processing smoother.

5. How long does the withdrawal process take?

All withdrawals requests are handled, at most, within 6 hours of receiving your request. We aim to handle all withdrawal requests as quickly as possible.

6. How do I cancel a withdrawal request?

We can cancel your request prior to processing. Please contact Betjee Customer Support on live chat or by email via [email protected].

Please do keep in mind that cancellation may not be possible if the transaction has already been handled by our payment team.

7. Can I make a withdrawal directly to my bank account?

Yes, you can. Please provide your bank account details at the time of withdrawal request.

8. I've withdrawn to a payment method that isn't active anymore, what do I need to do?

If this is case for you please contact us via live chat or [email protected].

9. Can I put restrictions on Betjee deposits?

Yes. If you need assistance with the feature please feel free to contact us via live chat or [email protected]

10. Are withdrawals free?

Yes, for the most part, withdrawals from your Betjee account are free.


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